The Aesthetics of Creepy Pasta

Scary stories have been around for centuries, fueling the nightmares of children and making sure they behave well. When observing the leap that literature has made from print to digital and electronic means, it is only normal to assume that these types of stories would do the same.  It is not until fairly recently though that horror stories have leapt from print and oral tradition to electronic means. Not only this, but they have done so in a very particular way. These stories are now referred to as Creepypastas. According to the Creepypasta Wiki, creepypastas are defined as “internet horror stories, passed around on forums and other sites to disturb and frighten readers”. The name used to address creepypastas comes from the popular internet term “copypasta” which is used to describe text that is copied and pasted repeatedly on internet forums or even chain emails. This term has since been modified into Creepypasta to define these copy pasted horror stories that circle the internet.


Masky from Marble Hornets

Most Creepypastas are supplemented with audio, images, and sometimes even video to add veracity to the subject, but not all are. Some Creepypastas rely exclusively on the text to impart fear upon its readers. These stories used to follow a set path in the beginning, following one of three general storylines. These were anecdotes, rituals and lost episodes. In anecdotes the author was the active participant in the story, meaning that they had been tormented by the entity in question.


The Rake

Ritual Creepypastas were usually presented as instructions to games or rituals that after being followed could either show the reader something amazing or horrifying. In lost episode Creepypastas, the narrator of the story writes about a never before seen or unreleased episode of a TV show  that shows the characters acting in an odd manner. These types of creepypastas often use children’s TV shows and cartoons as the subject of the story.


Squidward’s Suicide

In more recent years some of these storylines have fallen out of style and writers have opted for more creative approaches to writing Creepypastas. As in all aspects of life, popularity always comes into play. Creepypastas are no exception. There are various creepypastas that have become popular and highly recognisable such as Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, Smile.jpg, Lavender Town Syndrome, and Squidward’s Suicide. These Creepypastas are the most well known of the bunch and some have even inspired video games, sequels and fan made videos.


totheark from Marble Hornets

Creepypasta seems to evolve in its complexity as years go on, and this is part of what makes its aesthetic so hard to pin down. What makes a creepypasta good, is not always its content, but its characters. There are many cases where the creepypasta in question is lackluster, but it enjoys incredible popularity (see Jeff the Killer). Since creepypasta has come to be in the digital age, much of what makes them popular is how many shares, likes, or upvotes it gets. Aesthetics, especially in the creepypasta community, are subjective, and one could argue that in the end, it’s all art. 



7 Creepypastas Everyone Should Read

Is the ever growing list of creepypastas a little too overwhelming to sift through without any real direction? Then let me shed some light on some must read creepypastas. 

7. Jeff the Killer 

This creepypasta is a must, but it’s definitely not because of its quality. This creepypasta is incredibly famous because of the many later versions of it. Read more here.

6. The Russian Sleep Experiment

The Russian Sleep Experiment deals with the experiments done with prisoners of war and how lack of sleep can possibly drive humans mad. Read more here.

5. Smile.jpg

This creepypasta all stems from the image above which begs to be shared. Rumor has it smile dog will drive those who see him insane. Read more here

4. The Rake

This creepypasta is well known and again deals with a murderous creature that breaks into a house and wreaks havoc. Read more here.

3. Candle Cove

Candle Cove plays with the memories of children’s TV shows. The story follows a forum thread about a local show called Candle Cove. Read more here.

2. Ben Drowned

This creepypasta follows the story of Ben and his adventures with a haunted cartridge of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Read more here.

1. Slenderman

The Slenderman mythos is one I must recommend, due to the fact that I consider it to be the greatest creepypasta and the most complex one out there. The slenderman mythos is incredibly broad and well documented. Moreover, although this creepypasta has sparked controversy in the past years, it is still popular. Even though I have yet to speak of it on this blog, I plan to do so in the future. Read more here.

So go forth in search of those creepypastas and Stay Creepy. 

Sleep is for the Weak|| The Russian Sleep Experiment Part 3

Screaming scientists, shots galore, this creepy pasta has everything.


Shooting up the damn place!

The scientist screamed at the prisoner, desperate to know:

WHAT ARE YOU?” he demanded. “I must know!”

The subject smiled.

“Have you forgotten so easily?” The subject asked. “We are you. We are the madness that lurks within you all, begging to be free at every moment in your deepest animal mind. We are what you hide from in your beds every night. We are what you sedate into silence and paralysis when you go to the nocturnal haven where we cannot tread.”

The scientist shot the last subject who muttered “So nearly free” before dying.

The Russian Sleep Experiment is a creepy pasta that focuses deeply on something relatable, something most people have gone through: Sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is incredibly bad for humans, but it is nearly impossible to stay awake for as long as the characters in this story did. Although creepy pastas usually rely on the readers suspending their sense of disbelief in order to achieve the desired creepiness, The Russian Sleep Experiment goes a little too far and asks too much of the readers. A simple google search will show that Randy Gardner stayed awake for 11 days without the use of any stimulants and survived. Moreover, how is anyone to believe that sleep deprived humans would mutilate themselves so severely that their internal organs would be exposed and strewn about the room and survive? How is anyone supposed to suspend their disbelief to such an extent?


Seems to be the theme of this creepy pasta.

Additionally, these severely mutilated human beings later put up a fight with armed soldiers and manage to take them down. How would anyone who had removed their internal organs by hand be able to move, much less take down a trained soldier or five? It makes no sense that these subjects would be alive after subjecting themselves to such torture. This creepy pasta attempts to play on the fears of the unknown and what happens when humans lose what ties them to reality.

Although this creepy pasta focuses mostly on gore and the fear of the uncertain as its main source of scares, at the end it suddenly shifts its focus, confounding the reader and adding unnecessary information that leads more dead ends and unresolved conflict.

It is for this reason that I give this creepy pasta 5/10 screams. It reaches too far and falls short.

Until next time, readers.

Stay Creepy.

Sleep is for the Weak || Russian Sleep Experiment Part 2

Don’t you just hate it when you stumble into a room of sleep deprived war prisoners only to be greeted by blood and human flesh strewn everywhere? Yeah, me too.


I bet it feels a little like this.

We return to the Russian Sleep Experiment today right where we left off last time. As soon as the soldiers opened the chamber, they were greeted by a blood bath that the prisoners had inflicted on themselves. Organs strewn around them and fingers chewed down to the bones made many of the soldiers scream in distress. The subjects were somehow still alive, or at least four of the original five where. The drainage pipe had been stuffed with flesh and the accumulated liquid sloshed around them.

An immediate order for evacuation was sent out but the prisoners refused to leave. Somehow, these prisoners who had their internal organs resting outside of their bodies put up a fight, managing to actually kill soldiers in the process. Not even movie magic could make this believable, kids. One of the prisoners fought so heavily that his spleen ruptured  and he began bleeding out. Somehow, three minutes after bleeding out the prisoner was still alive.




Begging for the gas to keep him awake.

He finally fell silent, unlike the three remaining prisoners who all struggled against the soldiers who tried to subdue them.

The soldiers attempted to help the most mortally wounded prisoner, but they found it incredibly difficult to sedate the patient. As soon as anesthetic was used, the prisoner’s heart stopped and he died.

The rest of the patients were taken in for surgery, but it had to be done without anesthetic and while paralyzed. They asked the medical team to keep cutting and told them that they had to stay awake. They asked for the stimulant gas as soon as they were out of the surgery, and the researchers let them know they would once again be subject to it.

Once returned to the chamber, the subjects struggled to stay awake, and one failed, which caused him to die immediately. The last remaining subject that could speak begged to be locked inside now, and the commander gave the order to lock them in the chamber along with three scientists. This sudden turn of events caused one of the scientists to reach for a gun and shoot the commander, and the mute test subject. He aimed his gun at the last subject and desperately asked…

Well wouldn’t you like to know what he asked? Check back really soon in order to find out in Part 3 of this in depth exploration of The Russian Sleep Experiment.

Stay Creepy.

Sleep is for the Weak|| Russian Sleep Experiment Part 1

I would never advise forgoing sleep. It’s simply bad for you to miss out on those crucial snoozing hours. Sleep deprivation has been known to be incredibly detrimental for the health of humans. Even so, people choose to forgo sleep all the time. be it for school, college, or even binge watching Netflix, humans seem to be obssessed with not sleeping.

Enter “Russian Sleep Experiment”. This creepypasta talks about an experiment that took place in Russia during the 1940’s where scientists subjected war prisoners to low doses of a lethal gas that kept them awake. Sounds relatively harmless at first, right? Well these prisoners were subjected to the gas for fifteen days. Just imagine trying to stay up that long. 

So after being subject to the gas and being monitored carefully by the Russian researchers strange things begin to happen. The conversations start getting darker and more sinister. The prisoners turn against each other in hopes of pleasing the investigators and being freed. After various days of this, on the ninth day of the experiment, one subject begins screaming his lungs out while frantically running around the room. This goes on for three hours until the poor prisoner can scream no more. 

After the screaming died down, the scientists noticed how the other captives had ignored it, but it wasn’t long before another prisoner began screaming until their vocal chords tore. The remaining prisoners tore apart the books and covered the portholes in order to hide themselves from the researchers. 

Several days later as the researchers tried to monitor the prisoners through their oxygen level and they concluded that although unbelievably quiet, the prisoners were still alive. In order to provoke the prisoners, the scientist falsely promised freedom to one prisoner who behaved as they wished. The prisoners responded that they no longer wished to be freed. 

Although taken back by the statement, the researchers chose to open up the chamber at midnight on the 15th day. The gas was flushed out and the complaints from the prisoners began. When the soldiers saw the prisoners they began screaming at what they saw….

A little spooky, huh? 

Just wait till you find out what happens next… Stay Creepy. 

Hello Darkness my Old Friend, I’m back from the Dead Again. 

Hello world! My name is Vashti Tacoronte and I am an English major at the department of English in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico who is determined to make a chill run down your spine. This blog will once again become active, returning from its deathlike slumber to haunt you with everything creepy, mysterious, and horrifying. So check on back real soon because the scares will be popping up really soon.


Stay Creepy.

There’s a light…|| Candle Cove

We all have that one weird show we remember  from our childhood that still makes us look under the bed each night. Perhaps it’s because the dark themes some cartoons used to have still haunt us, or perhaps it’s because no one seems to remember that one show we used to watch….

sheep in the big city

Am I the only person who remembers this show?

Candle Cove expertly plays into this feeling by utilising this sense of plausibility in order to bring reality into the world of creepypasta.


A kid’s show… Sure.

As many of us know, creepypastas often fail because of the insane amount of plot holes and bad storytelling they are plagued with. Candle Cove suffers from none of these and even excels in many aspects of what characterizes a “good” creepypasta. Candle Cove’s style sets it apart from other creepypastas because it is presented as an internet forum conversation between various people.

Subject: Candle Cove local kid’s show?Does anyone remember this kid’s show? It was called Candle Cove and I must have been 6 or 7. I never found reference to it anywhere so I think it was on a local station around 1971 or 1972. I lived in Ironton at the time. I don’t remember which station, but I do remember it was on at a weird time, like 4:00 PM.

As replies come flooding in from past viewers of the show, each viewer adds a piece of information critical to solving the puzzle. The characters are fleshed out, villains are introduced and this is where things begin to steer towards the creepy. The main villain, The Skin-Taker, seems to be the stuff of nightmares.

Subject: Re: Candle Cove local kid’s show?
Wasn’t his top hat and cloak all sewn up crazily? Was that supposed to be children’s skin??
Subject: Re: Candle Cove local kid’s show?
yeah i think so. rememer his mouth didn’t open and close, his jaw just slid back and foth. i remember the little girl said “why does your mouth move like that” and the skin-taker didn’t look at the girl but at the camera and said “TO GRIND YOUR SKIN”

As the thread progresses we are able to realise that there is something incredibly wrong with this show. With each new post another horrible nightmare inducing fact is added and backed up by further collaborators. This is precisely what makes the creepypasta believable. Each contributor has a writing style  that is particular to them and establishes them as a separate entity from the others.

At the end of the pasta we are left with more questions than answers and this vagueness greatly contributes to the credibility of the writing. It almost leaves you wondering if you could have experienced the very same thing with one of those old TV shows you used to watch….

return the slab

That would be impossible! Right..?

All this taken into consideration, I give this Creepypasta 6 out of 10 screams. Good enough to leave you thinking, but not enough to make you cry for your mommy when you’re alone at night.

Remember readers, some things are better left in the past.

Stay Creepy.

Willow Brown|| Final Project

For the last project of this class, I decided to do something a little different. I had really enjoyed the activities throughout the semester and decided that it would be a good idea to incorporate more than one into this final project. I combined what we learned when making a character and developing their backgrounds with a twitter performance of said character, and the “What would I say?” app. I chose this approach because it seemed to be the best way to showcase some of my favorite projects from this semester.
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White Dragon|| A short story

Drake’s eyes stared at the glowing stars that were stuck on the ceiling of his dorm room. The stars moved and shifted quickly before his eyes and he had to shake his head to try and make sense of what was happening. Or more specifically of what was not. Breathing was hard and he felt the insane craving attack him again. It made his skin itch and his heart race, but he couldn’t give in. He wasn’t going to allow himself to do something so stupid again. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to bring up thoughts of the raven haired boy that had been dragging him down into that dark hole. Coming back to The Academy, Drake had hoped that finding Andrew would make him feel better. The irony of the situation was that Andrew was gone and no one seemed to know where he was or how to find him. Drake hated himself for leaving like that, without any explanations or goodbyes. Now he had nothing but a bitter taste in his mouth and a dull ache in his chest.

His phone rang and snapped him out of his thoughts. His eyes snapped open and he sat up with some difficulty. Drake felt tired and weak, but answering the phone couldn’t do much harm. His hand clasped around the metal rectangle and he slid his thumb over the screen to answer.

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